Landscaping, exterior features are great fall projects

autumn-front-door-1476496195bdgLandscaping and exterior features are some of the most valuable home improvements you can make and they are also some of the easiest. Here are seven tips that will help you add beauty and value to your home:

  1. Maintain you lawn

Few things look nicer than a healthy, vibrant, carefully maintained lawn. Create an easy-to-maintain look with lush grass, manicured beds, and no weeding required. Aerating and seeding your lawn in fall and spring keeps it looking great and is the highest return for money spent.

Edging along driveways, sidewalks and garden beds also shows off your property and reflects the care that you take. Home buyers will know that if you’re willing to keep your yard looking nice, your house will be in pristine condition, too.

  1. Match your design to your home’s style

Consider your home’s design when adding landscaping. If your home has a modern style, for example, create a more modern landscape with plenty of greenery and natural-looking beds that fit the contours of your property.

  1. Include a good mix of shrubs and perennials

Have a good plan when planting different shrubs and perennials that creates a uniform look with enough variation to make it interesting. You’ll also want to plant a mix of flowers and evergreen or blooming shrubs so that different plants will bloom seasonally. Avoid cluttering your yard with high-maintenance plantings. A good foundation planting along with a couple of well-designed points of interest will add to your home’s beauty. 

  1. Plant trees

Trees can add up to 10 to 15 percent to the sale price of your home. Buyers value the beauty of well-established trees and the shade helps keep neighborhoods and homes cooler.

  1. Add personalized options

Adding personalized items like fire pits, outdoor kitchens, fountains and patios, make a backyard more appealing.  But, don’t go overboard. Only install more expensive landscaping and hardscaping (over $5,000) if you want them because you likely won’t recoup your money.

According to experts, well-done features can positively impact an appraisal and some materials are better than others. A stacked-stone retaining wall and a cobblestone patio, for example, are functional and beautiful.

  1. Highlight Your Front Door

Make your front door a feature of your home with a simple wreath of fall foliage, flowers and a fresh coat of paint — like red, green or blue — to make it pop.

7. Add Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting adds beauty and security to your home and a better path for homeowners to beat to your door. Add decorative lights to illuminate walkways, and install flood lights or sensor lights to brighten up entrance areas.