Should sellers hire a home inspector?

It’s a no-brainer for buyers to hire a home inspector before closing but is it a good idea for sellers to hire a home inspector?

The good news is that a pre-inspection means fewer surprises. A certified home inspector will check out all the structural items in the house and turn up any potential problems that could affect the value of the home.

For buyers, the results offer them the opportunity to request repairs, negotiate the price, or walk away without forfeiting their earnest money. And, if it’s new home construction, even if the home builder has a stellar reputation, it’s still a good idea to pay for a home inspection.

Although the pre-inspection costs money – about $200 to $500 – it does give sellers time to fix problems and troubleshoot the sale of their home.

On the other hand, even if you hire a home inspector, the buyers will probably hire their own. And, the results for each may be different and identify problems that your inspection didn’t – and require you to disclose these problems in the Seller’s Disclosure. So, it’s up to you whether a home inspection is beneficial or not.

The key is not to let the inspection stress you out. Knowledge is key. During the inspection, remember these tips to make it easy for everyone:

  • Remove your pets during the home inspection for their protection and the home inspector’s. The inspector will be opening exterior doors again and again, offering pets far too many opportunities to dash to freedom.
  • Remember to clean so your home makes the best presentation from the start – with the home inspector and potential buyers. De-cluttering the space and removing family photos allows the buyers to visualize themselves in the space.

For buyers, it’s important to remember that there will be problems but that everything can be fixed. Even mold and radon gas issues can be mitigated or removed. What real estate pros and savvy home inspectors advise is to look for any signs of leaks and check that the property is not in a flood zone. A good home inspection – barring major issues – will offer a to-do list that lets you fix items over time and still love your new home.